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Profitable Projects

Project Direction

Xpect provides expert direction, development management and governance of property projects in New Zealand.

1. Understand your needs
2. Assess the potential of your project
3. Develop a plan
4. Provide steps to action
5. Apply our development management system
6. Engage and manage as you require, or
7. Advise as you proceed.

Distressed Project Support

Stabilisation, Risk Management, Revised Strategy, Recovery Implementation, Project Management, Body Corporate & Purchaser stakeholder liaison. Complex remediation projects.

Development Expertise

Large scale greenfield subdivisions

Small to medium infill subdivisions

Mid-rise residential apartments

Terrace home comprehensive developments

Standalone houses - from cookie cutter to custom luxury

Mixed use - office and retail accompanying primarily residential developments

Development Management

Acquisition, Feasibility, Design Management, Consents, Contracting, Project Management, Sales, Marketing & Purchaser Management

Property Development Business

Xpect advises on and creates business and people management procedures and systems for property developers:

* Backend:Finance, IT, Legal, Health & Safety
* Sales management, marketing and branding
* Customer needs insights & product evaluation
* Design and Consenting
* Land development and Infrastructure
* Vertical construction and maintenance
* Cost, variation and procurement control
* Customer support, settlement and purchaser management
* Funding and investor relations
* Board governance

Systems Design

Process creation and implementation of practical systems to streamline delivery.

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Andrew Crosby Managing Director

UDINZ Founding Board Member
Lecturer Property Development Unitec
Previously: CEO Universal Homes, Project Director @ Equinox, Manager Property Development @ Housing New Zealand, Business and Development Manager @Phoenix USA, Development Manager @Redwood

  • Client Representative
  • Development Manager
  • Executive & Board
  • Big Picture
  • Hands On
  • Author and Host



Xpect Connect

Connecting builders and contractors with developers and development projects.

Xpect Connect solves the procurement hassle and brings prequalified projects and contractors together. Leveraging years of industry experience and a vast network, Xpect Connect is your partner in project success.

Download Xpect Connect information PDF

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Xpect 2 Connect

Connecting property development employers and employees.

Xpect 2 Connect solves the recruitment hassle of finding suitable property development candidates and brings the right industry assessed prequalified prospective employees to developers and asset owners.

Download Xpect 2 Connect information PDF


Xpect Inspect

Connecting home buyers and their advisors with practical contract knowledge.

Xpect Inspect is a service for home buyers, their buying agents, lawyers and funders regarding off the plan property purchases and house construction. Xpect Inspect analyses the sale and purchase agreement, or new home build contract and advises the practical ramifications of what the buyer is signing up to. Including the direct potential financial reality of any incentives. And what could happen in time, money and quality under different market circumstances.

Download Xpect Inspect info and Reference PDF


Xpect Verdict

Connecting construction disputes with resolution.

Xpect Verdict takes a practical problem-solving approach to resolving construction disputes. Onsite in one sitting.

Download Xpect Verdict information PDF


Xpect Insight

Connecting business with impactful insights.

Advance your property or construction business using Xpect Insight for your next research and business development project.

Download Xpect Insight information PDF


Xpect Remediate

Connecting body corporates and residential asset owners with maximum value.

Xpect is partnering with PJM Projects to solve body corporates and residential asset owners most difficult remediation problems.


Download Xpect Remediate information PDF


Xpect Assist

Connecting Financiers and Developers with project support and assistance.

Property development management and strategy tailoured to protecting financiers interests and assiisting land owners and property developers bottom line. Contract or pay as you go services on an as when required basis. From a fixed package for an initial feasibility assessment of your land potential to matching as you need it resource to your projects specific workflow to work out strategies for developments in distress.

Partnering with PJM Projects for project and construction management.

Download Xpect Project support information for Financiers PDF

Download Xpect Assist information for Developers and landowners PDF


Xpect Safety

Connecting contractors, developers, project managers and consultants with best practice Health and Safety.

Xpect is partnering with Advanced Safety and Site App Pro to deliver health and safety solutions to the construction and development industry. Fixed subscription 'out of the box' OHS systems, fully supported, with a 15% discount on annual plans.


Download Xpect Safety info and references PDF


Xpect Get Set

Connecting candidates with experience to help land a role.

Are you seeking employment in the property or construction industry? 'Xpect Get Set' provides candidate coaching for application and interview preparation, communication and follow-up specific to our industry. Receive a property industry CEO's perspective with a CV review and personal consultation (via phone or zoom) where we discuss strategy and the key success enablers to improve your chances of landing a role. Take advantage of the valuable direct knowledge and an established system interviewing over a hundred candidates and hiring dozens of industry professionals in various markets. You are not paying one hour of time. You are paying for two decades of experience. One hour custom package $350 plus GST.

Email to schedule.


Xpect Business

Connecting contractors, developers, project managers and consultants with best practice Health and Safety.

Xpect Business Workshop your product's business development with Andrew Crosby, founder of Xpect, experienced not only as a construction and property development CEO but also directly responsible for all new product decisions and a multi-hundred million dollar spend on construction materials and consultant initiatives. Tapping into his 25 years being sold on products for construction and development projects in the private and public sector, you get to learn a valuable perspective from those that really make the purchasing decisions.

$2,000 half day. $3,000 full day. 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied*

*If you terminate within the first two hours of the workshop.


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