Now would everyone please put down their pens …..

Unitec are at the forefront of property development education in New Zealand.

Why do I say that?

That’s  because I am privileged to be the one who will lecture this years Level 7 paper in property development to students in the Bachelor of Construction (Property Development) degree!

No, I am not giving up my day job to become a lecturer. This is an intense 4 day programme where I will bring much of what my day job entails into an interactive and exciting project based learning workshop for whom I imagine will be a bunch of very enthusiastic students.

I am excited. I would do it for free – Neil, just ignore that comment if you are reading this, as the contract is in the mail !

I am actually going to be lecturing rather than taking a winter vacation. Yes I concede there probably is no hope for me now but along with our families recent addition of a healthy 3.3kg girl, the vacation can wait.

Whilst my current focus is residential development I hope to mix this course up and look at a mixed use project – some res, some office, some retail, maybe a hotel. Really it will only limited to what the students come up with – and those slightly important Unitary Plan rules !

I am looking forward to this role and thank Neil, John and the Unitec Construction team for this chance to give something back to the industry.

For me this is also a personal learning opportunity that I will fully embrace.



Property Development (CONS7906): To enable students to evaluate the property development process, using a project-based learning approach, focused through the production of a speculative project development submission.


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