As Safe As Houses – Gone Digital!

So we have crossed the digital divide – get all your inspiration and motivation using a Kindle or read from any device using Kindle applications

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Of course if you prefer you can still get the paperback here.

A book of inspiration, motivation and the plain truth in the property, construction, architecture, development and real estate industries.

In this light-hearted dose of satire and truism, Crosby unearths illuminating proverbs from real estate’s billionaire club and revealing maxims from industry stalwarts. Drawing on a life persevering in property, he even attempts his own literary imagery.

This book is coffee table fodder for every business in the real estate and building industry. If you sell, market, invest, develop, fund, build, manage, engineer, design or simply love architecture and reading about lavish lifestyles, falls from grace and theories of leadership then this book has words for you (literally!).

Quotes to inspire and learn from.
Metaphors to make you think twice.
All with the power to hit home harder than a two ton wrecking ball !

And they say it’s as safe as houses…


Andrew Crosby

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