Launch Party

Here it is: the official launch of

The official launch party starts at 5pm today. My apologies to all whose invitation got lost in the mail.

The guest list consists of me,  the entire aenspire team, Cros, all the family not on the beach at Mt Maunganui right now (i.e. they are ALL on the beach and I’m in Auckland on a beautiful hot sunny day, sitting inside on my computer!), Andrew, AJ, myself, I and a cat called Rio. Catering will be lambchops and beer (and Whiskas for the feline if she bothers to show up). Dress code is Hawaiian shirt, shorts, jandals. A full nights entertainment will be provided at the park – viewed from the front steps no less – courtesy of NZTA and angry returning holiday making traffic jam inducing SUV’s, Parnell cricket club and casual strollers or budding athletes still trying to work off Christmas dinner.

UPDATE 8.30pm: The cat made it!



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