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Xpect Insight: Research for Business Development

Business development requires you to establish strategies and action ideas. Strategy and ideas come from research. Insightful strategy and impactful ideas come from exploring the right questions in the correct way in the first place.

Research in the property and construction industry requires a mix of academic rigour combined with practical nous. Omit either component and you can easily underestimate risk or completely miss reality.

With Xpect Insight you have a director with 14 years’ experience as a lecturer in property development, degrees in Architecture and Property from Auckland University, and an advanced course in Real Estate Finance from Massachusetts Institute of Technology so you can be assured of competent rigor.

Over 25 years, working in New Zealand, Australia and the United States for private developers and funders, an American software guru, a British Institution and both the New Zealand and Chinese governments, a diverse array of practical questions have been posed across a range of challenging property markets – good times and bad.

And research that provides real insight is not just about burying your head into google search or a spreadsheet at your desk. It is really about establishing and accessing a diverse robust network, getting on the phone and jumping in a car or a plane. It can almost be called ‘research by doing’.

Business development research assignments:
• Direct property fund portfolio analysis • Software development for project collaboration, leading to the tool CollaborIT used on prisons, hospitals, the Northshore Busway and other infrastructure and private developments in NZ.
• Retirement sector analysis in New Zealand & Australia • Residential development management best practice culminating in the book ‘House, Love, Land & Money’ https://www.amazon.com/House-Land-Love-Money-Development/dp/1547180692
• United States ski resorts and town centres
• Residential development risk management and problem solving resulting in the book ‘Turnaround Success’ https://www.amazon.com.au/Turnaround-Success-Resurrect-Failed-Developments/dp/1790590884
• Global residential market analysis concluding in opening and managing a property development business in Phoenix, Arizona.
• Hotel general management best practice
• International innovation across the property sector all referenced in the book ‘Destiny: Future of Real Estate Development’ https://www.amazon.com.au/Destiny-Future-Real-Estate-Development/dp/1095425676
• Private Public Partnerships
• Numerous other assignments – many documented in this blog

Choose Xpect Insight for your next research and business development project. Fee dependent on scope.


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