That’s how many words and pages I am into my first book. Today, I can say I have pretty much completed the first draft of the content with structure intact. Apparently that’s the easy bit done.

The book writing process is an interesting one, something I will have to write a blog on one day. There are plenty of ups and downs on the motivation front. Some days you think the entire structure is wrong and others you forget what sort of style you are supposed to be writing in. Often I just cant be bothered turning the computer, especially after a big day in the real world – the TV show ‘Million Dollar Listing’ on Bravo doesn’t help either!. On other days, my phone becomes the book writing tool – it is already on after all and for some reason, the effort doesn’t seem as much, even though its highly inefficient. This blog post is also an attempt to semi-publicly keep my commitment to deliver this thing!

Today was easy to get into it, its raining outside and my daughter is spending most of the time potty training next to  me while the rest of the family are out. There is also an element of  cathartic release involved as writing helps improve your ability to clarify, strategize and deal with the very day to day things you are writing about.



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