About to sign the contract to build a new home?

Buying off the plan? Entering into a new build home contract? ‘Xpect Inspect’ is a service for home buyers, their buying agents, lawyers and funders regarding off the plan property purchases and house construction.

‘Xpect Inspect’ analyses the sale and purchase agreement, or new home build contract and advises the practical ramifications of what the buyer is signing up to. Including the direct potential financial reality of any incentives. And what could happen in time, money and quality under different market circumstances.

This is based on our extensive experience over three decades of issuing, reviewing, negotiating and enforcing S&P and new home build contracts, (as well as development agreements) in New Zealand.

There are so many stories in the media how buyers feel ripped off. If only they had the right practical advice before they signed. I have seen all the tricks throughout different markets. I see clauses reinvent themselves after years in hibernation.

Homebuyers and your advisors, please don’t fall into an off the plan, or design build spruiker’s trap. Talk to ‘Xpect Inspect’ first.

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