Who forgot the power?

On the former Auckland Carter Holt Harvey plywood factory site, grew the mega mixed use project that was named Eden. Residential, commercial, retail, the whole shebang.

This particular building was the only full structure retained. A renovation job, where as much of the original New York Loft Style timber and brick structure was retained as possible . I was the assistant development manager/project manager looking after landlords works for tenants and making sure they got what we had promised in their various agreements to lease. A cafe/coffee roaster, a small warehouse and retail shop front and office tenants.

Some lessons.

1. Be crystal clear with photographic examples what ‘renovated character condition’ (or something similar wording- its been a while) actually means. Lots of debates over what should have been enclosed or exposed!

2. Split system air-conditioning system is different to a VAV system. Just fyi for young players interpreting outline specs with a tenant – after installation.

3. Red: The colour of my face when I embarrassingly got told by the main contractor that the power transformer was not in his contract and my problem.

4. White: The colour of my face when the power company informed me that lead times for generators are indeed not a week or two like I pleaded, but six months after the lease is scheduled to start with late occupancy LD’s….

……Let’s just say the tenants moved in on time and I used the longest fattest extension cord you can imagine.

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