Shot through the ….

This was another commercial building at Eden and the top floor home to our new offices that I acted as assistant dev mgr pm. The bottom warehouse structure was existing and everything above a new build. Much easier than a historic reno!

I recall this one went pretty well but there are two stories.

One: Metal grate decks seem like a good idea on paper. But are annoying to woman in two ways – please guess in the comments:

Two: Ok, I will have to set the scene, Across the busy Normanby road was someone’s small single level office with a window facing our building under construction. Beneath that window was a mans desk. Behind the desk was a wall with a glass covered painting on it.

From level 2 of our building under construction you could see when he was sitting there the mans head in the middle of the window. Clear line of sight.

Ok, so one morning..a carpenter was using a nail gun …with a purple charge… to attach timber frame to a steel post.

That afternoon I had to reglaze a painting, replace a window and dispose of a single nail. Thankfully, the chap was on a break. No pun intended.

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