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Xpect 2 Connect – Property Development Recruitment.

Is this a problem? You want to hire staff for a development project or your business but it’s a deluge of CV’s and you don’t really have the time and energy to go through each one. So you hire a recruiter but their expertise is limited in property development. And you could still end up having to review a number of candidates that may simply not be fit for the job. Further, your own experience at assessing development team members is limited, so you really are taking a risk.

Xpect 2 Connect solves this recruitment hassle and brings prequalified prospective employees and developers/asset owners together. Having interviewed, employed, trained and worked with hundreds of staff in the property development business over many years I bring a unique and valuable independent assessment of what it takes to do these roles. And how much you should pay in the current market. Many, if not everyone decent are in my network.

This is how it works. As the employer you will send Xpect 2 Connect your draft job description. Xpect 2 Connect will clarify and help you with the job description, providing advice as to the ideal target candidates title, experience, technical skills and personality requirements.

Once confirmed Xpect 2 Connect will post the job in this network, minus your name and confidential details – so you are not contacted directly. In some cases the job will not require posting, as there will be suitable candidates already in our system.

Prospective employees (or contractors) will be invited to submit their interest and Curriculum vitae confidentially direct to Xpect 2 Connect. Xpect 2 Connect will prequalify those candidates in a structured process I have developed over many years suitable to finding the best employee a developer needs.

Xpect 2 Connect then sends a shortlist of prequalified prospective employees to the employer as well as a summary of all those considered but did not make the final shortlist.

Xpect 2 Connect charges a one-off fee to the employer of $5,000+GST per successful placement, payable at the end of any trial period. Xpect 2 Connect can also provide one on one structured development and project management training, where a candidate satisfies most of the requirements but has not operated in a property owner/developer client side role previously.

Proposed roles from employers being accepted now. Please email to andrew@xpectproperty.com

Prospective candidates considering a new role are invited to register their interest in this service now, so you are not missing from the Xpect 2 Connect network. Please email to andrew@xpectproperty.com

This is an independent, non-bias and confidential service for all parties.

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