Do you have a large remediation project?

Xpect Remediate. For body corporates and asset owners requiring property remediation. Xpect is proud to partner with PJM Projects to solve body corporates and residential asset owners most difficult remediation problems.

My approach is that undertaking a capital works project on behalf of a group of owners, their kids, their tenants and their pets requires a lot more than just a technical approach.

Maximising value is actually the right outcome. Minimising stress whilst restraining cost is the best delivery mechanism.

And to do that you need independence on site – to question consultant and contractor advice – to gain consensus- to listen to the owners, to collaborate towards each decision and to ensure no dollar is spent without each item creating owners value.

Enough said. Paul Miller and the team have the track record, the past and present remediation projects and the empathic skills required to deliver in this important and delicate environment.

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