Development Failures and the Future

Into my third and fourth books now. Trying to get one finished in late 2018 but I doubt it, so lets say both in  2019.

One is very practical, but also very boring to write so I struggle to keep the motivation up on it – Trademe property listings and LinkedIn are simply too fewer clicks away diverting my attention.

Basically, the boring book is everything I have absorbed over the years on how to deal with a project that has previously failed, resurrect it and make a profit! Every developer with any volume of experience leaves failed projects in their wake in search of the elusive successful ones – so I have seen my fair share. Many development projects started life out as failures anyway so this book really just builds upon my first book ‘House, Land, Love & Money’. The content is completely different though and in this book I go into depth about project audits, risk management, value engineering, damage control, cleaning any mess up, re-calibrating the opportunity, decision making, implementing change and that sort of thing. Working title is “From Failure to Finish Line’.

The other is a futurist focussed book. It is certainly enjoyable to research and hopefully the way I am presenting it (fictional stories) will make it a good read. It is also a great self educate tool as I am forced to learn everything I can about what is or could be about to hit the real estate and construction industries. I find writing about something means you have to understand it better and have a good think about practical implementation. Out of this process I’m hoping to find some real nuggets that could benefit my day job as well…(relax everyone, we wont be changing anything, for changes sake…).

Well, I better get back into it otherwise it will be 2020 already and I will be writing about the past.


Andrew Crosby



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