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You’ve seen your competitor blogs shared on LinkedIn, you look at their websites and find they offer all types of free analysis and industry insight. They are gaining traction with their profile and really showcasing their experience. In fact they appear to have become the experts in their field – and that is a threat to your business.

Blogs, industry whitepapers and providing real value online takes time and effort.  Whilst you may have best intentions you never seem to get around to starting let alone the time to regularly maintain them.

Three key reasons for maintaining a regular and insightful blog and series of whitepapers:

  1. Demonstrate your expert status, experience and capabilities without trying to sell yourself.
  2. Each article can be sent to existing and new clients as a means of keeping in contact, relevant to their needs and in front of mind.
  3. A professionally presented recent article that is relevant to the business you are trying to win is a powerful influencer in your marketing bid package.

Inform, by, can help your company gain the exposure you rightly deserve. We make it easy for you.

Our experience includes numerous blogs, published newspaper articles, and whitepaper production over 16 years in the property, construction and real estate industries. One claim to fame is Donald Trump featured as guest interviewee for a client’s blog article.

Inform services include

Ghost Blog Writing – we write topical and informative articles on your behalf. We undertake relevant research, piece together examples of your experience, create the interest angle and publish on your blog.

Blog Interviews – we write articles for you, introducing you in an interview type format. You provide a recent engagement or area or interest and we craft interview questions to solicit responses that help demonstrate your expertise in this area. Interviewees may include your clients and suppliers.

Whitepapers – we undertake in-depth analysis and create a formal, factual ‘paper’ that you can use to post on a blog, send to clients or leave as part of your marketing pitch. They key here, is you are offering real value and advice not just some sales teaser. The more structured and professional the more impact to demonstrate your expertise to peers and clients.


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